Panasonic TH-37PWD6UY 37-inch Plasma TV Review

MSRP: $4,999

Quick Take:

A smaller alternative to the Panasonic's larger screen offerings, the TH-37PWD6UY makes an excellent Plasma TV for smaller rooms or shorter viewing distances. The TH-37PWD6UY offers incredibly sharp picture quality, great clarity and detail, and vivid color. As with most Panasonic Plasma TV's, black levels are amongst the best. A great, overall Plasma TV, and amongst the very best in picture quality.


- Vivid, lifelike colors
- Extremely clear, sharp picture quality
- Outstanding DVD playback, especially with widescreen 16:9 sources
- Excellent contrast, gray levels and deep black tones
- Very good broadcast, TiVo and VCR signal picture quality via S-video


- Some may consider the screen size small, depending on room size
- Only one component video connection
- May be priced close to competing 42-inch