Accessorize and Go

What's the coolest gadget out there? Is the portable music players? Or is it the latest mobile phone? No matter what device we are talking about, the seeming common factor unanimously would be mobility. Being mobile allows a whole lot of degrees of movement. Being mobile means pushing the envelope and breaking a lot of barriers. However, no matter how cool our music players are and how many Benjamins we wasted on the latest mobile phone, the fact remains that we, as users, need to accessorize.

That's where these enhancements come in. The Apple iPod, for example, is probably the most ubiquitous brand when it comes to mobile music. My first mobile music player was a Sony Walkman portable cassette player. It was a huge hit back then in the 80's. Having that kind of device snapped on to your belt while you were jogging to the early morning air was the epitome of cool. But that was then.

Now, we got whole minions of iPod players and they just keep on coming. And as long as Apple conjures models after models of iPod players, iPod cases and other iPod accessories will never cease to exist. And there are a lot of these accessories of different sizes, colors, and shapes. Different purposes, different uses.

And it's not only the iPod but there are a lot of mobile music players out on the streets today. Zen, Creative, and Audiovox has produced a string of impressive mobile music players and they see, to be bent on doing some more. Obviously, it's not just the portable music machines that need some personal and customized flavor. Mobile phones are perhaps the quintessential mobile device of all time, hands down.

With the purpose of making the communication process a bit easier and hassle free, the mobile phone evolved from the bulky analog models with only one core feature in their arsenal to more sophisticated, multi-purpose, function-laden cell phones of today. And as cell phones along with mobile communications technology surge forward, the mobile phone accessories also adapt to the change that occurs. Nokia has been a forerunner in this wing of mobile communication and will be for a long time. Along with its armory of cell phones come Nokia accessories that either boost the performance levels of your phones or otherwise up its looks. But before we come to a close, let us not forget the ever reliable laptop, err, notebook. Anyway, however you call it; the mobile computer is the lord of all electronic devices that goes mobile.

With the addition of wireless Internet, the future for the laptop slash notebook is bright. They might still be expensive but they are worth the greens if you know what laptop to buy and what add-ons you need to purchase. It still boils down to the accessories. Whether it's for protection, performance or looks, the accessories will still be there to bail you out and make good of what have-you's. Accessories for mobile electronic devices may be made of high-grade materials or mere knock-offs of the real deal but the point is, the mobile person needs them.

Note that I said 'need'. These thingamajigs are vital and essential to prolonging the wear-and-tear process of our laptops, cell phones and music players. And then some. More than accessories, they help assert our individuality.

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