Flip a Coin Quantum Style

Flip a coin. Think about that cliché statement, but one which actually carries a lot of meaning behind it. Before you decide to do this, there is neurological activity in your brain preceding the event. There are conscious and unconscious processes about how to hold the coin, how much pressure to use, how fast, that all take place in milliseconds. And don't overlook the nanosecond timing that exists on the microscopic scale of your physiology. Then when the coin goes up, what are the possibilities? Think about the rare chance that the coin could land on its side.

It might sound bizarre, though every one of us has probably thought of this. Now I offer a question to break the silence. What is the actual moment that decides the outcome of the coin? You might think when it left your hand. While this is undoubtedly true for the most part, according to Newtonian physics, the Quantum world is a completely different story. Quantum Mechanics tells us that everything exists as energy. The funny thing about energy, is there are no certainties.

At this scale when Classical Mechanics gives way to Quantum processes, even nanosecond timing would seem like eternity. Where the Quantum shines is how it shows us that all outcomes are just as likely. What are the odds (Newtonian classical) or probabilities (quantum), that the coin may never land. If the probability waves collapsed on a specific reality, the coin could disappear out of existence, appear in another dimension, or a myriad of other possibilities that are all just as likely. We cannot deny that Quantum reality is a mysterious cloud of particle and wave duality.

If that sounds crazy, think about this. When you catch that coin, are you in the same reality as when you lofted it?.

Thomas Sweet MBA, is a certified hypnotist, who received an MBA and has an undergrad in Physics. He studies several forms of energy such as Reiki, Access Energy and Shamanism and can be found at http://www.gemini-wolf.com

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