You Cant Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

I have been trying to convince my aunty for months to give up the antenna on her roof and change over to satellite.  She is not hurting for money and cable television would truly help her fill up her time while she is at home taking care of her mother.  She does watch TV but she watches the same channel all day long.  I keep telling her of all the benefits about HDTVs and how she could easily switch out her regular antenna and replace it with a newer antenna, which would give her higher quality pictures, but she won't make the change.

  . .I guess people just don't like change.  I know it is not a money thing because she has a lot of it and I even offered to buy her one.  Her response was, "I don't need one of those fancy looking tv's".

  I guess my big push for an HDTV comes from my own experience with them.  We reside in a really small municipality in Florida.  We don't have much in the form of entertainment so we depend on our tv for our nightly recreation and parties.  When I saw the clear pictures at our local Best Buy, I was astonished and immediately hooked.  Then I heard about the antenna you can buy either for the outdoors or indoors.

  . .I thought this was great because our cable co. charges an arm and a leg for the new channels.  All we needed to do was pay for the antenna one time.

  We installed the inside one in a matter of minutes.  As soon as we turned our HDTV on, it scans the channels and picked them all up, I was so excited.  Now, I watch all the great high quality picture shows on channels like TBS and the most popular ones like  CBS and NBC.  Watching television was never as pleasant as it is now.  . .

It's like the actors are sitting in your living room with you or you are with them in whatever place they are.  The Discovery Channel makes you feel like you have transported yourself from the little town you live in to just anywhere in the world.  I love this tv and I just wish my loved ones would see.  I don't know, I guess one of these days someone in the family will get in touch with the present and buy themselves a nice HDTV.

  Until then they will just continue to watch their little 20" out of date junkie Televisions .

John Wilkerson has had the trials and tribulations of finding an HDTV antenna that really works, and if you own a RV, take a look at the all new RV "Picture Frame" antenna for hdtv. Resources: HDTV antenna RV Antenna

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You Cant Teach An Old Dog New Tricks - I have been trying to convince my aunty for months to give up the antenna on her roof and change over to satellite.