CD DVD and Floppy disks duplication

The floppy disk as we all know it has been around on the market since approximately 1969, and even though we only seem to have a blur picture of what it is, it was actually the first truly successful removable storage device and completely revolutionised computer disk storage. Those disk invented by IBM were made of a disk of thin and flexible magnetic storage medium encased in a plastic shell and read or even written by a floppy disk drive. The format of those disks evolved over the years. The original formats only stored around 140kb, and their cost made disk duplication a tough job only manageable for large companies. Later, the introduction of cheaper systems and high-density disks meant that disk duplication became much easier as well as cheaper and finally possible for smaller companies and individual users like us. Obviously, disk duplication played its part in establishing the duplication industry as it is today, and making file and software distribution more affordable and viable for smaller companies and private consumers.

Imagine that we would not be able to burn CDs or DVDs so easily if there had not been any disk duplication with floppy disks! Modern disk duplication like CD duplication or even DVD duplication is still widely sought after as a cost-effective way of rolling out system updates or cross-platform data transfer. Actually, many of the largest duplication companies in the industry today began in the disk duplication area a long time ago, long before optical media and CDs were invented. With the fall in popularity of the floppy disk, and the cost of maintaining old disk duplication systems, many companies no longer bother to offer floppy disk duplication, and prefer to leave this market to smaller specialist companies. The best CD and DVD duplication companies as well as the Floppy Disk companies keep well-maintained duplication towers, and follow a systematic copy-verify procedure, which means that each disk, CD or DVD is checked byte by byte. When dealing with often sensitive information, the reliability of the disk duplication is of main importance. When looking for a company to carry out your disk duplication, CD duplication or DVD duplication, ensure that they follow a similar system.

But today, CD and DVD duplication is a lot more easy and affordable than was floppy disk duplication in the past. But what will be the next storage device to overtake CDs and DVDs?.

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