How Much You Know About GPS

Full name of GPS is the "Global Positioning System" that why it is called GPS? Their navigational system use satellites and computers to determine specific location data for user. It cans specification latitude, longitude, and also altitude of a receiver on Earth. To reach the receiver, GPS work by computing the time difference from different satellites for signal. The satellite navigation system that has full function is GPS only. More than twenty-four satellites GPS use to send the signals of radio to electronic GPS receivers.

By this process, finding the distinct location of the receivers the satellites are able. GPS system can work under any weather conditions. Although under conditions of low visibility, GPS can let you know where are you now or can give the data of the destination where is your expected.

In 1985 GPS became in fully functional. And nowadays, GPS used for navigating on land, sea, and also air. Land surveying, mapmaking, and scientific research are also a benefits from GPS system.

GPS signal has improved steadily in the last fifteen years. Pinpointing the receiver on Earth which accurately data can able by GPS system. It can calculate the user's location, latitude and longitude within five meters. We can predictable that improvements and developments of GPS system can locate location of the receiver within 1 cm in next year coming soon. Some scientific experiments had shown us that GPS gives an extremely precise time reference too. United States Department of Defense developed the system of GPS to use in their jobs then we call "NAVSTAR GPS", an abbreviation for Navigation Signal Timing and Ranging Global Positioning Systems for officially name.

The satellites revolving around the Earth used for GPS are launched to replace aging ones and now the total of satellites that GPS system used is twenty-seven. Because of improvement in technology, GPS devices have become less costly that give the benefits for people available use it free or low cost. GPS Application GPS can apply to use in many accessories we use in everyday life. Our mobile phone has GPS units inside cell phone.

You can get a GPS for your bicycle if you want to know where you are, your exact speed, and your average time to destination which your current speed include accumulated time and distance of your ridding. Boats and motorcycles now have GPS also high-end cars. GPS is helpful for golf player. It will keep the track golf balls of your playing, collect information to analyze your game performance later, and give you live feedback on the length of your shots. The watch also come with GPS technology now.

GPS watch on your wrist can tell your location now, help you find the short and easy way to go to your expect place that you can keep your time to go there. For people who is like to exercise by jogging, GPS watch will inform your heart rate when you workout, your distance, your speed and more. Copyright (c) 2008 Pongphap Awootsopa.

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