Is Satellite Radio For You

Well if you like to listen to music the answer is yes! But you probably already have a radio that works quite nicely and are wondering why you might want to switch, right? Satellite radio is a paid subscription - it works via a satellite feed so you can listen to the radio anywhere you want and there is no range restrictions so your favorite song won't become garbled with static as you drive down the road out of range. It works like satellite television, except it can travel with you. A satellite radio can go in your home, your car or you can carry it around with you. It provides crystal clear digital sound no matter where you are and is commercial free.

Satellite radio can really open up the range and choices of music. With satellite radio subscriptions, you typically have access to several music channels, which reach all genres and subgenres of music. The best providers will also provide you dozens of channels for the latest news, talk radio, and information, along with local traffic and weather forecasts and all the sports events you could want. XM Radio is rapidly growing and services over 2 million listeners providing 68 music channels. With this satellite radio, you can get country, rap, classical, bluegrass, rock, reggae and most anything else you can imagine.

IN addition, there are over 30 channels just for news , sports, talks shows and other entertainment programs that don't include music. And if that's not enough there is another couple of dozen channels that provide weather and traffic for most major cities. If you want satellite radio you will need a reciever and antennae to pick up the satellite feed. This equipment is state of the art, and the best subscription services also offer AM and FM as well as CD accessibility. Satellite radio can be set up to work with your existing home entertainment system, in your car or as a portable that you can bring with you. Some of the new satellite radios and receivers are quite small and lightweight and good for carrying around.

All satellite receivers will conveniently display the channel, song title, and artist name. If it's a sporting event, they abbreviations for each team will be shown so you can find that game you are looking for instantly instead of having to wait until the announcer mentions one of the teams. Of course, satellite radio is perfect for listening to in the car since you won't have to fiddle with tuning knobs or try to find a new station as you drive out or range of what you are listening.

Coneniently, many new cars are coming equipped with satellite radio service and even offer it free for 30 days. Don't worry, though if you don't want to pay for the service after your trial is up, your radio receiver will still work with the usual AM and FM channels.

Lee Dobbins writes for a2z-satellite where you can find more about satellite services including satellite tv, radio and internet.

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