Most Downloaded Spyware Removal Tools

Spyware programs are truly dangerous since they steal all the private details of the user including passwords and bank details. In order to keep your computer free from malicious spyware programs, you need spyware removal software. If you have decided to look for different available spyware removal programs, this article will serve you as a guide to choose among the most popular ones. After reviewing all these products, you can easily select the best one for you. .

Symantec Spyware Removal Tool  . .Spyware protection has become a central focus for several standard security vendors in recent years, Symantec is no exception. Very recently, Symantec has enhanced its spyware capture and removal tool quite significantly. In addition to a real time monitoring and protection against spyware and adware, Symantec offers an advanced level spyware removal technology, embedded within the current anti-virus management systems.

. .McAfee Spyware Removal Tool. .

McAfee spyware removal tool enables its users to protect their system from any harmful and malicious spyware programs before these harmful programs get a footing in the system. In addition to the reduction in possible risks instigated by the spyware programs, McAfee spyware removal tool also offers protection against identity theft, corruption in network, productivity loss, and slow Internet access. . .Ad-Aware 2007.

.Ad-Ware is one of the most popular spyware removal software, which has the capacity to scan the RAM, windows registry, hard disks and external storage devices for finding out harmful, malicious advertisements, ad-ware and spyware programs. With the benefit of Ad-Aware 2007, you can easily protect your system from any unwanted spyware files and become able to secure your privacy at the time you are surfing the Internet. .Spybot – Search & Destroy. .

Spybot helps in finding and removing a multitude of spyware and adware programs from your system. In addition, it also aids in cleaning programs and web-usage tracks. With its latest version, it has an improved identification method as well as Windows Vista integration.

It offers restoration support for Windows 95. This spyware removal tool is much more compatible with Wine. It offers an excellent support for bootable CDs.

. .Spyware Doctor. .Spyware Doctor offers real time protection against any sorts of malicious and harmful spyware and adware programs including Trojan horses, spyware cookies, spybot, keyloggers, hijackers and phishers. It comes with a low space and minimum memory usage.

The scanning speed of Spyware Doctor can only be compared with specialized scanners. Nearly all of the components of this spyware removal tool can be upgraded by using Smart Update system.

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